We have signed up to the CredAbility Charter because we are committed to supporting our older and disabled customers

We Commit to:

  • Promote Independence, Choice and Control for all customers
  • Actively promote disability equality
  • Constantly strive to improve services to disabled and older customers
  • Identify gaps in the local social care market and help to grow that market so disabled and older customers have increased choices
  • Create and maintain good working relationships with local User Led Organisations (ULOs)
  • Create and maintain constructive working relationships with the Local Authority
  • Share case studies and good practice with wider Social Care Networks
  • Actively seek feedback from customers
  • Be creative, independent and transparent in designing and delivering services for disabled and older customers
  • Never over-promise or under-deliver and to sign post when we cannot meet a customer’s needs
  • Display the CredAbility logo in all relevant marketing materials
  • Display a signed copy of the charter in a prominent place